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iKONic Gaming Media

Welcome to the Media Page. Below are a few of our Montage video’s Showcasing some of the gameplay and content they have created!!

iKON Legend doing his thing on some Apex Legends. Check out his montage

Lurking in the Darkness is iKON Styxx. Watch him taken tokens in Fortnite!!

League of Legends Master iKON Rwj197 doing all the work to make sure he has victory!!

When it comes to funny game reels iKON Prophit is the one to watch. Check out this video and see the ikonic-fullery he gets himself into!!

Right when you think it’s safe, there’s iKON Kinetic sniping you from the cuts!! Watch him clean up teams!!

Thunder from down under takes a new form with iKON Dubs!! Watch him win his way into players hearts!!

Name say’s all. Ready to watch a true hunter stalk his prey? iKON Hunter does just that in this video!!