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history of iKONic Gaming Community

iKONic Gaming starting with a group of game enthusiast that enjoyed playing games together. Apex Legends is the main game we all met on. After a while we realized there are other games we enjoyed playing. GTA 5, Titan Fall 2 and COD are just a few you can find one of us playing.

To us here at iKONic Gaming Community, gaming is more than just a hobby, to us it is a lifestyle. We all here at IGC have started our gaming adventure at a young age. With some members starting out on Atari. We have worked our way through the gaming world to evolve into one of the most competitive gaming communities to date.

our Players

Prophit President

Kinetic Discord Admin

Slip Audio Master

Draco Member

Hunter Member

Mr. Clean Member

LegendSwag Member

Hoonicorn Member